Dog Paintings Lancashire

Geoff Rollinson creates a whole host of exceptionally detailed paintings for you to enjoy. His paints cover every little aspect of the countryside, including everyone’s favourite animal; dogs. Every single painting is original in design and inspired by some of the most fantastic dogs you’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for some high-quality dog paintings in Lancashire, then you’ve come to the right place.
Dog Paintings In Lancashire
You have numerous different dog paintings to choose from, all of which are displayed on the website. When a new creation is completed, it will be uploaded with size and price info for you to see.

You’ve got two different purchasing options when it comes to dog paintings; originals and prints. With the originals, you’re buying the genuine original painting that was handmade by Geoff himself. The quality is unmatched, and you really get to analyse and look at every tiny detail within the painting. They showcase the true level of talent that goes into making pieces of art like this and would look perfect when adorned on the wall in your home. Alternatively, if you run an art gallery, then these pieces would also look exceptional when hung in the gallery. It’s worth noting that if you see a size next to an original dog painting on the website, then this is the framed size of the piece, not just the size of the image itself.

With the prints, you still get exceptional works of art, they’re just not the original piece. They’re printed versions, but the quality and detail are still very much there. These are ideal for anyone looking to hang dog paintings in their home, shop, or art gallery, without having to pay full-price for an original. When you see a size next to any of the dog painting prints on the site, then this is the size of the image. Please bear in mind that you’ll have to buy a frame that fits the image size if you want to hang the painting up.
Commissioned Dog Paintings In Lancashire
Aside from all the wonderful dog paintings already available on the website, there is certainly room for commissions as well. If you have a particular painting you want to be created, then feel free to get in touch today and make your request. This will enable you to own a completely new and original painting that you yourself have come up with.

There are many ways in which you can have a piece of art commissioned and created. The first is to obviously describe the image for Geoff to bring to life. However, it’s also very popular to email in photos of your dog in the countryside, which Geoff can then turn into handcrafted pieces of art. Commissioned dog paintings carry sentimental value and can be a great way of preserving the memory of a well-loved pet.

Please get in touch using any of the contact methods listed on the website if you’re interested in dog paintings in Lancashire. Whether you’re after some new art for your home or want to bring a photo of your dog to life, Geoff Rollinson is the man to call. 

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